We believe Art is universal language and Spiritual and When you embrace it gives you a peace of mind. Art requires creativity, and creativity drives world-leading economies. Cinema is a perfect key to Art, which gathers different talents and required constance changes which takes us to innovations.


We believe there are many stories to tell and talents to discover in creation of movies. Cinema and Entertainment is a place where people can express, educate one another and share knowledge, cinema is a different type of classroom where knowledge can be shared. We support individual film makers to thirve and bring their work to the world.


Ceylon International Film Festival is a non profit organization dedicate to promote Sri Lanka and our Cinema to the world. Through our programs, our goal is to discover, support and inspire individuals and independent films.

Masterminds Team

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Founder/ Chairman of CEYIFF

Aruni Boteju

Chief Operating Officer

Ruwani Horanage

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Ceylon Film Lanka is located in Los Angeles city and you can contact us at [email protected] for any tech-related support and assistance. We love to hear from our Streamit users.

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